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Running Tally of Fun Information (as of 11-20-20)

Number of People Who Have Participated on the Project: 46 undergraduate students, 27 graduate students, 15 post-docs
Number of Products: 95 papers accepted or published, 4 book or book chapters, 231 talks, 75 posters

Aims & Goals

PalEON has a lot of moving parts: many people, many projects. The goal of this wiki is to facilitate research coordination within PalEON. This wiki and its subpages are interactive documents that allow users to post progress updates for various projects, create links among projects, develop proposals within the PalEON domain, complete established projects, deposit and store finished products and access and update public data.

This wiki is open to PalEON participants and a login is required. The public PalEON website is located at: http://www.paleonproject.org

Member Login: Top Right of Page

  • PalEON members who have been invited to this wiki please click the login box on the top right to register an account at the wiki. To register you must provide your name, a user name (first initial, last name is preferred), your password and a valid email address.
  • Once you are registered you will be able to see more of the site, but will still have limited permissions. All new accounts must be validated by a PalEON administrator before you can edit pages, or get full access to the wiki. We are doing this so that your valuable data is not accessed without permission. We're going to try to get you up to full access as soon as possible once you register.

Basic Editing

  • IMPORTANT: When you make changes to a page please remember to fill out the Edit summary!

Data-Use and Authorship Guidelines

Be sure to refer to Version 1.6 of the PalEON Fair Use Policy as you are writing your papers and using PalEON data


Calendar & Meetings

This section is where upcoming meetings are listed and where meeting notes for completed meetings are stored.


This section includes information about who the individual members of the PalEON project are. We welcome all Participants to begin editing their own page. The Administrators (Simon Goring and Jody Peters) will also take care to ensure that the pages are kept up to date as much as possible.

Working Groups

Working Groups is a repository for the different projects in PalEON. If you start a new project, please provide a brief description as well as the email list of participants. Use this section to keep notes, data and initial results as you work towards versioned data products (which should then be posted in the Data and Products section) These are fairly static, overarching descriptions that provide the big picture of each group and the members. Anyone can update this as new people join the project and as the projects morph.

Data and Products

We've created the Data and Products section as a repository for versioned data products that are ready to share within and across Working Groups. Data and products that are not versioned, initial results or are works in progress should be kept in the Working Groups section. The Data and Product section is the fun part of PalEON - it is where we see results from our hard work!

Data Management

This section provides policies and procedures for PalEON's data including details about the tools we use to keep track of data/code/manuscripts and how to acknowledge PalEON in scientific publications. Here are instructions for uploading/downloading files using script or the wiki icons under Useful Resources

Papers & Presentations

This section is where we keep items related to publications and presentations. This section is a repository for:

  1. Manuscripts ideas and drafts. If there are papers gestating be sure to put them here adn add tentatiev co-author lists! We have a large group and in this section are trying to avoid duplicating efforts on projects when instead there should be collaboration.
  2. All papers and presentations from PalEON projects - this information is critical as we prepare our annual reports for NSF!
  3. PalEON related posters and presentations.
  4. The biannual PalEON Newsletters.
  5. General papers that provide useful information for specific PalEON topics.
  6. PalEON logos

Courses and Camps

This section includes details about courses for PalEON grad students and material for Camp PEON.

Grant Administration

Details about the NSF PalEON grant are located in this section including Award numbers, PalEON 1 and 2 NSF proposals and annual and final reports.

Starting Out

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